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Finding Cures to Infectious Diseases

Mankind has always been threatened by a number of infectious disease causing pathogens such as bacteria and different types of virus. With the advent of the age of enlightenment and the rapid progress in the field of science and technology after the 19th century, helped in eradication of a number of deadly and life threatening diseases from the surface of the earth. The best example of such a deadly disease that we have been successful in eradicating is small pox. But even in the twenty first century, we are constantly endangered by the sudden outbreaks and epidemic situations  pertaining to several diseases, and this necessitates the requirement of high quality research and development activities, in order to study the nature and dynamics of the causal agents of these diseases, and thereby find proper cures for them.


Vaccination Research

Considering the vital fact in the realm of health care that prevention is always better than cure, we have assigned a dedicated team of expert medical researchers to conduct detailed study and develop the best vaccination methods for all possible diseases and ailments. While the present zone of vaccination has been successful in eradicating diseases like polio, hepatitis, whooping cough, diphtheria and so on, we are still on the lookout for vaccines that can help in preventing tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, plague and likewise. The journey of vaccination had begun with Edward Jenner who had proposed the theory of vaccination, and thereon developed the world famous vaccine that had helped in combating with the small pox epidemic. Centuries later, CDSCNI is taking the idea of vaccination research several notches ahead of its primordial stage, and coupling advanced medical technology along with proper research studies, in order to develop better and cheaper vaccines for the welfare and betterment in health conditions of the human race on the whole.


Improvising Medical Technology

Whether it is surgical equipment, diagnostic tools or other clinical equipment and apparatus, medical technology is a vast maze of systems, machines and hi-tech equipment, that have been developed after years of systematic research. Therefore it is imperative that the research and development activities in this area be carried out by organizations that have both the essential requirements in order to carry out the research- first, the skilled expertise of professional researchers who have had ample experience in this field, and secondly, the technical state-of-the-art infrastructure, that will enable one to conduct breakthrough research in this field and come up with further advanced technology to replace the existing ones.


Advanced Biotechnology and Genetic Studies

At CDSCNI, not only do we conduct conventional medical research and development activities spearheaded by microbiologists, we also have a dynamic team who specialize in the field of Genetic Engineering as well as Biotechnology, and conduct research in these contemporary areas of medical science.


"CDSCNI stands tall today as the Hub of Disease Research and Health Protection. Ever since its inception, the research institute has pioneered the purpose of providing world-class research and development facilities in the field of medicine as well as health care."


As Expert Medical Researchers, we strive to move towards a Healthier, Happier and Disease Free World!

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